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Game over

I'm tired of this game, this heart game.

I 'm benching myself

Gon enjoy the game from the sidelines.

Every time I have let my heart go it was stump on: tapped dance on.

So I am out the game.

I know they say life without love is not worth living, but I am so sick of giving.

I loved you with all my heart and that still wasn't enough.

I gave you my all and still you wanted more.

I know if I didn't love this would be easier. But feelings get the best of me.

You took advantage of my love and my kindness.

You mistakenly took my kindness as weakness

So now I'm ready to let go.

Love is out the door.

And I have a negative score, so I'm out the game.

I don't want to catch feelings for any other.

Every relationship has ended estranged.

Every person has ended with the playing of games.

Time has been wasted again and again.

I question why does this keep happening to me?

Have a done something so wrong that life keeps kicking me?

I love you but does it really matter?

It did to me but it doesn't anymore.

No more letting my heart go.

No more letting my feelings show.

No more hurt. No more pain.

No more going insane because of you.

No more, I can't take it no more

So I'm out the game.

I'm benching myself. I'll enjoy the game from the sidelines.

I'm out the game, this heart game.

Game over.

Written by LyrikallyFree

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